How to Be a Good Person and Make a Difference: 11 Qualities of a Good Person, and 12 Inspirational Ideas for How to Make a Difference in Your World

by Francine Gallagher
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If you were to ask thirty people about what they consider to be the qualities of a good person, you would probably receive thirty different answers – with a few common points, and a lot more poignant specifics. What you would also notice in those answers is that each answer allows that person to neatly categorize themselves as “good”, rather than a “one-size-fits-all” response. This is the ultimate self-deception perpetuated by mankind. Throughout history, there have been several philosophical systems and masters that have objectively and impartially attempted to draw out the set of qualities that makes someone “good” or otherwise. And surprisingly, and unlike the thirty people that you would ask, their answers have been quite similar – even going so far as to admit that they themselves aren't perfectly “good” by the standards of their own discoveries. The compilation of their knowledge and beliefs, along with other common sense criteria and pearls of wisdom, is the reason for my writing this ebook. So, are you ready to gain a sense of direction that would better enable you to be “good” and make a positive difference in the world?

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