How to be a Successful Online Student

by Sage Adams

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Book Description

How to be a Successful Online Student

This book will show you have to be successful as an online student. If you're taking an online class, an online program, or a hybrid course, this book will give you the techniques and strategies you need to be successful. Successful, means enrolling in a course, a series of courses, or a program of study (leading to a degree or certificate), getting out of the online learning experience what you want, and sometimes more than you want or intended, and passing your course or program. The following topics will be covered in this book:
  • How to enroll in an online program or class
  • Preparing for the online learning experience
  • Getting money to pay for your online learning
  • Managing your money
  • Managing your time
  • Creating and adhering to a schedule
  • Asking questions and communication strategies
  • Networking
  • Working with others
  • Individual projects
  • Group projects
  • Getting the grades you want and deserve
  • Staying motivated
  • Creating a portfolio

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