How to be Charming even if You are not Handsome or Pretty

by Jean Q

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Book Description

Want to make yourself a charming person even if you do not have an exceptionally attractive appearance? "How to be Charming even if You are not Handsome or Pretty" will share with you, step by step, the secrets of how to get everyone to like you. Charm is power. Just imagine the possibilities that could unfold if you were charming. You could charm your boss for a raise or an approved leave, or you could charm a teacher to excuse you from a few absences or for poor class performances. You could even charm a salesperson for a discount. The list goes on and on! If you were charming, the possibilities and wonderful chances would be endless! If only you could have it. Now, you probably perceive yourself as a slouching, awkward, confidence-lacking kind of person. However, as you go through every chapter of this book, you will gradually straighten your back as your understanding broadens. And by the end of this book, you will be sitting or standing taller than you used to. Ready to practice your charms? Inside, you will gain: -5 key traits to turning you into a charming person that everyone wants to hang out with. -15 tips to change the way people think about you and to get them to see you as someone with extraordinary and positive qualities. -15 things that you need to avoid if you wish to grow your admirers exponentially.

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