How to Be Nice: (Children’s book about a Little Boy Who Learns Manners)

by Michael Gordon

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Book Description

Brad is never saying magic words. He has no patience, and always gets what he wants. Thankfully, boy's mom and dad have the perfect plan to help their little boy. Parents bought him a wonderful puppy that somehow teaches him to be kind and more responsible. ”He was never grateful for whatever he had.He never listened to his mom and dad.One day his parent’s hatched a planTo help make their son a good little man.” Professionally designed illustrations to develop your children's creativity. Cute stories to engage your kid's interest and teach important life lessons. Reading nursery rhymes in a fun, exciting, and joyful way to a nice peaceful sleep. What our readers say about this incredible story "The message is timeless and kids will love colorful illustrations." -- Carol "We loved it, not only the idea behind it but the story and especially the artwork. " --Carol. “This is such an amazing children's book that I cannot rave enough about. " -- Marc Kids are sure to love this book as well their parents!Scroll to the top of the page and select the buy button right now.

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