How to Become a Famous Singer: An Essential Guide to Creating a Successful Career as a Professional Singer

by Austin Landry
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Book Description

Your beautiful voice has made fans out of your friends and family a long time ago. No special occasion in your community is complete without you belting out a couple of songs. You’ve been told time and time again that you should pursue a career in singing, and you're finally starting to take the suggestion more seriously. Why shouldn't you develop a career doing something that you love? This book is designed to help you bridge the gap between being an amateur singer and one who's using their voice to make a living (or even a killing). You'll learn how the internet has opened up new opportunities to aspiring singers like you, and you'll also be guided on everything from making your own original material to networking and marketing yourself, and signing up with labels. Sure, singing at your cousin’s wedding and getting thunderous rounds of applause is satisfying; but isn’t it time for your passion to meet your purse? It's time to start dreaming bigger! There are so many new ways of making it big in the music biz, and the pages of this ebook are full of the tools you need to help make your dreams of becoming the next big thing a reality.

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