How to Become More Successful with DIFFICULT STUDENTS

by Daniel Blanchard

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Book Description

Many of our public school students are disaffected and struggling with their poor behaviors and poor school performance. Test scores are being reported down with kids’ behaviors being out of control. Our schools are beingcharged increasingly with teaching more nontraditional skills, such as, skills that involve social-emotional learning to students less prepared than ever before.How to Become More Successful with Difficult Students provides educational staff with simple, successful techniques that will assist them to:• Improve their relationships with their students.• Increase social-emotional learning through insightful interactions with their students.• Put some of the fun back into education.• Get kids to enjoy school again.• Help kids to learn perform better.If you are one of those educators who is giving it your all to help every one of our youth be better students and better people, then How to Become More Successful with Difficult Students is a necessity for your everyday use

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