How to Choose the Best Laptop for a Writer

by Joseph Monter

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Book Description

Are you someone who writes a lot? If so, you probably faced the issue of eye fatigue after a long time working at the laptop. Or you struggled with the slow startup, uncomfortable keyboard, or noisy cooling fan of your laptop. In addition, you probably do not work all the time at your desk but want to use your laptop on the go. To overcome all those issues and meet other specific requirements of persons writing a lot, a thoughtful selection of a laptop or tablet is necessary. It turns out that choosing the right laptop for a writer becomes quite hard when considering different requirements at the same time. In this guide, I help you to cope with that issue. I provide numerous advises on how to choose the best laptop or tablet for writing. All recommendations given in this book have been developed over many years of tests and trials. As a Ph.D., computer scientist, software developer, and a writer, I personally checked a number of laptops and tablets. Frankly, I am a passionate user of them.

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