How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe: Discover How to Enhance Your Style and Clear Your Mind with Minimalist Wardrobe Design and Planning

by Paloma Injera
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Book Description

Are you tired of wasting time and feeling frustrated as you decide what to wear? In today’s fast-paced style of living, less is truly more and that includes your wardrobe! Although it may be hard to believe that just a few dozen well-chosen clothing items and accessories can keep a woman properly dressed for any occasion, that’s exactly what a capsule wardrobe does. With your own capsule wardrobe system in place, you can finally say goodbye to hours spent choosing what top goes with what bottom and which pair of shoes match best. Within the capsule wardrobe system, carefully chosen articles of clothing, footwear, and accessories can be easily mixed and matched to meet any need – from ordinary days spent at work to formal candle-lit dinners. Say goodbye to your old, disorganized, dysfunctional wardrobe because with the help of this ebook, you're soon going to have a new fully-functional capsule wardrobe. But what to do with all the perfectly-good clothing you still have now? This book has that covered as well! Start reading now and get ready to have more time flaunting your new impeccable fashion instead of rummaging through your closet packed full of "not quite right" clothing.

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