How to Deal With a Narcissist: A Guide to Identifying Narcissistic Personality Traits, Understanding Narcissistic Behavior, and Dealing with a Narcissist

by Marleen Grayson
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Book Description

Narcissism is not an easy personality trait to deal with. Especially if you don’t know what to look out for, or if you don’t understand why the narcissist is acting the way they do. Many people who are initially dismissed as "selfish" actually turn out to be narcissists. These are people who typically focus too much (or in some cases - entirely) on themselves because they believe they are superior to others. Those afflicted with narcissism are typically not very happy individuals, even though at first glance it may look like they are. They actually suffer from a personality disorder that can only be addressed with the help of a caring friend or family member. If you are the family or loved one of a person with such a disorder, it is likely your duty to better understand the condition so that you can not only protect yourself, but also give support. In this book, I will help you get started by making sense of the condition called Narcissistic Personality Disorder in easy-to-understand terms. This includes the various kinds of narcissism and its different manifestations. This book will help you identify with what your narcissist actually feels and goes through, and hopefully, it will help you become instrumental to their improvement.

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