How to Determine the Manipulator Man and Stop Being: The ‘Predator’s’ Victim (Positive Thinking Books)

by Helena Angel

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Book Description

Manipulation is a set of actions the purpose of which is to make the manipulation victim do (and think) what the manipulator needs. If you think that nobody manipulates you-you are in the hands of an experienced manipulator! Often, it happens so subtly that we do not notice until it is too late. Honestly, until I figured out how to deal with energy vampires, manipulators, toxic people, tyrants, etc. I lost plenty of time. I have studied many psychology books, attended numerous psychotherapy courses on mastering various techniques and practices.However, the most important method for me, in my opinion, is the ability to define tyrants straight off and to resist them. Moreover, I would like to have known about it, about the harm they cause to us, since childhood. At the same time, I know that many of us often come across them and get emotionally injured. These scary words ‘provocation’ and ‘manipulator’ - why should we girls ever think about this? Because, if we know how it works, it does not work against us! Well, we do not need extra worries and anxiety, they spoil the complexion, so the best is to be fully prepared. However, only in case if you, like me, choose the free life, life according to your aims and desires, plus a lovely girlish blush.

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