How to Get a Boyfriend: The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Find, Get, and Keep a Boyfriend

by Ian O'Reilly
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Book Description

Getting a boyfriend is a big decision. When you enter into a romantic relationship with another person, you are not only promising them your time, energy, and effort, but you are also opening up your life and your heart to them. It's important that you choose the right person to fill this role, and it's important that you understand how you can fill the role as their girlfriend too. You'll need to play your cards right, especially in the beginning, to make sure the relationship lasts through the initial stages and the guy you've chosen wants to progress and take things further. This book will be your trusted friend and guide as you search for your special someone, and then it will teach you exactly what to do next after you've met the guy of your dreams. If you're tired of going through life on your own, then let's get you a boyfriend!

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