How to Handle Rejection: The Ultimate Guide to Dealing with Rejection and Conquering the Fear of Rejection for Good

by Patrick McIntyre
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Book Description

There are many ways to be rejected, unfortunately, and none of them feel good. Some even impact our pockets, especially when we fail to get that job, promotion, sale, or much-needed loan. Still others have a negative impact on our lifestyles, such as being denied housing. While those are bad enough, there’s also the agony of being rejected by someone we feel we just can’t live without. Even more unfortunate, rejection is an inherent part of life. While most people are able to pick themselves up eventually, others develop such an overriding fear of rejection that they stop trying to reach out for more. Living in fear is not healthy, especially the fear of rejection, which has no survival value whatsoever. Living this way is a form of self-sabotage, a kind of slow suicide, if you will. In this ebook we’ll explore why people are so afraid of rejection, and the latest studies on the matter, which suggest there could actually be biological reasons for it. Then we’ll explain how to deal with rejection in a relationship, as well as in a career in sales.

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