How to Heal Your Soul: Your Path to Peace of Mind

by Anthony Glenn
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Book Description

Do you feel like something is missing, even though you have everything and should be happy? You are not alone. There are thousands of people all over the world waking up every morning feeling empty. They fall asleep in the evening asking themselves, “Is that all? Is that everything life has to give? Why am I not happy? What's wrong with me?” Nothing is wrong with you. Your soul is suffering. That is what is wrong. Your soul needs you, needs your attention, and needs to find a supportive friend in you. This book is here to help you heal. It is like a friend who understands you but also has the answers. This friend knows what should you do and exactly how things will get better. So, if you want to find inner peace and heal your soul, listen to what this friend has to say. Then pick out some of the advice that best suits you and let it inspire you to begin your healing journey. You will discover possible reasons for the suffering of your soul including: • Carrying the past with you, refusing to let go and leave it behind • Unhappy upbringings and childhood traumas • Painful events such as the end of a relationship, loss, and illness • The suppression of emotions • A lack of self-love • Self-neglect • Constantly running towards achieving your goals and chasing happiness Here we offer you some skills that will be useful on your way to healing your soul. By using some of the practices below, you will find your path to peace of mind. We will talk about: • Introspecti

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