How to invest successfully?

by George
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Book Description

I offer you my new book, based on experience and numerous mistakes, of many investors. This book is suitable for everyone, both professional and beginner, this book describes the problems and rules that even an experienced investor cannot find an answer. After reading this book, you will have the desire to make big money, and most importantly you’ll know how to do it. This book describes: How to accumulate money? How not afraid to invest independently? How not to lose investing money? Who are the Wall Street brokerage firms? How do they earn? How to reduce the amount of taxes? Where and how to buy stocks? What determines the amount of brokerage commission? How to choose the right broker?  All about DRP and DSP Basic strategy DOW Theory of market efficiency Why avoid technical analysis? What are option? And why avoid them? Day trading strategies. What to take into account when analyzing a company? How to study reporting analyst? DO YOU LIKE MAKING BIG MONEY? Then this book is for you. This book will change: your attitude to investing, your attitude to money as well as the attitude to successful investors. But there’s one rule: you must constantly move, develop in this direction. “INCLUDE YOUR BRAIN, AND ALWAYS GO TO THE END, AND YOU GUARANTEED SUCCESS!” Most people think “big money can only be earned by working around the clock”, but this is a gross mistake that does not belong to this class of people.

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