How to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle: An Essential Guide to Getting Rid of Body Fat While Developing Muscle Tissue

by Nick Gillespie
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Book Description

From flabulous to fabulous is a common goal of a lot of folks, and those who are motivated, disciplined, and knowledgeable enough usually end up achieving this objective. Sadly, it remains just that, "a goal," for many more who continue to store excess fats in their bodies, unable to burn it off no matter how much they seemingly try. Burning excess body fat, however, is just one side of the fit-and-healthy coin. The flip side is developing strong sinewy muscles that will help you stay fit, trim, and healthy. Keep in mind, also, that the elimination of excess fat from your body is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also is of psychological value as well: let's be honest, a whistle-bait figure that is attractive to onlookers can tremendously boost your self-confidence. This could very well translate into better chances of success in your career and personal life. Not to mention the wealth of cardiac diseases and other health problems that can be avoided by getting in shape. With all the advantages that becoming fit and lean has to offer, it's easy to see how they outweigh the disadvantages, namely that losing fat and gaining muscle isn't exactly a walk in the park. If you really want to achieve your goal, you must be ready to make sacrifices, modify your lifestyle, and work hard. But don't worry too much about the big picture right now; this book is designed to help arm you with all the information you need to make this transformation as easy as possible, one step at a time.

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