How To Pose… Legs

by Dan Eitreim
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Book Description

This easy to read, easy to understand course lesson will have you posing your model’s legs like a master in no time! It’s written for the newest of beginners and progresses through concepts that the most advanced photographers will appreciate! Here’s the TOC to give you a taste of what is included: Introduction Diagramming The Sitting And Kneeling Figure The ZigZag Shape Angles Right Angles Acute Angles Obtuse Angles The Four Basic ZigZag Shapes The Geometric Silhouette The Acute Angle Silhouette The Obtuse Angle Silhouette The Mixed Angle Silhouette Your Notebook Posing The Legs The 4 Major Parts Of The Leg The Stance Legs Bearing Equal Weight Legs Bearing Weight Unequally The Base Leg And The Show Leg The Base Leg The Show Leg Directing The Model Why They Need Directing How To Direct Your Subjects Start With The Base Leg Add The Show Leg Hands OFF The Ankle The Hinged - Up And Down Movement The Ankle Roll The Inward Ankle Roll Outward Ankle Roll Fanning The Neutral Stance Fanning In Fanning Out Building The Pose Even Weight Distribution Uneven Weight Distribution Problem Area Solutions Photo Exercise Additional Photo Training Get this lesson and people will notice that your photos are better than theirs... but they won't have any idea why!

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