How to Raise Chickens for Eggs

by Brandon Santosh
  • Book Author : Brandon Santosh
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Book Description

Like many people nowadays, you're probably already growing veggies in your backyard and immensely enjoying the fruits of your labor. Are you ready to have fresh eggs in addition to your salad greens by raising chickens for eggs, in your own backyard? Poultry farming is no longer just for large scale operators. Local laws permitting, you can have your very own little household poultry farm. You can reap the benefits of having a ready supply of fresh eggs (100% organic even, if you want) and have a well-fertilized backyard - all at the same time! It's a win-win for you and your veggie plots. The great thing about raising chickens is that it's a project that can start small and grow bigger as you and your family become more adept at caring for the breed of chicken that you have chosen. Building the coop can be as simple or as fancy as your budget will allow, and in fact you can probably even use materials that you already have lying around. As for caring for these living creatures, it's both easy and fun, not to mention tremendously rewarding when you get to regularly appreciate the freshest eggs imaginable! If you're ready to learn everything you'll need to know in order to get your mini-chicken farm up and running, then let's get started!

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