How to ReBuild Trust and Let Go of Resentment: Start to Regain Trust in Your Relationship Today

by Anne Bridges
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Book Description

It is no secret that trust is the foundation of what makes any relationship work. Trust is known to be the fundamental basis of intimacy and love. When trust is lost, with it goes security, safety, love, friendship, and respect – it is often replaced with insecurity, anger, fear, anxiety, and resentment. The aggrieved party becomes like the police, the CIA or an FBI agent. Distrust causes husbands/wives/partners to start looking through text messages, emails and asking countless questions such as "who were you talking to and where on earth have you been for 5 whole minutes?" Life becomes filled with consistent arguments – small and big – about what is actually going on, instead of taking what is spoken at face value. Have you lost the trust of your partner and you want to win it back? Or has someone betrayed your trust and you really want to learn to trust them again?

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