How to Stop Being Jealous: Discover How to Overcome Jealousy Issues and Feel Secure in Your Relationship

by Reena Summers
  • Book Author : Reena Summers
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Book Description

Let's face it: Occasionally there may be a valid reason for you to feel jealous and resentful because of something that your partner did (or failed to do). Unfortunately, this jealousy in turn affects and strains your relationship. But even worse are situations when the jealousy actually stems from your own feelings of inadequacy or insecurity. Too often, an otherwise healthy relationship is completely wrecked by too many suspicions and failing trust or faith in the other partner. All because of baseless and unfounded fits of jealousy. Thus, the focus of this book is to discuss (and eliminate) the latter scenario where we operate on the premise that there is nothing to be jealous about and these pangs of jealousy are only unfounded suspicions that need to be shed and swept away once and for all. Based on the assumption that the relationship is otherwise secure, stable, and healthy, the jealous partner (most likely you, since you're reading this) must learn to be able to contain any raging feelings of jealousy in order to make the relationship survive, thrive, and prosper for a full, secure, and happy life together. In this book you will find the help you're looking for, including assistance in developing the skills needed to help you understand the reality of your situation through a new perspective; tactics to help you rebuild your relationship and put it on the right path; guidelines for letting go of jealousy once and for all; and tips for sustaining a healthy relationship

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