How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others: An Essential Guide to Developing Self-Esteem and Learning How to Stop Being Envious or Jealous of Others

by Bailey Jackson
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Book Description

You've probably heard the age-old advice that it's not healthy to compare yourself to your neighbors because you'll wind up both bitter and vain, since you'll always come up short of one person but ahead of another. Sometimes, however, making comparisons is perfectly natural and even helpful for self-improvement purposes. For example, it can give you motivation to work harder, or even a sense of accomplishment when you come out on top. But for most of us, drawing comparisons becomes a source of frustration or grief, especially when we feel belittled for not being able to “measure up” to our peers. Vain, bitter, or otherwise: Using other people to determine your worth or value is never healthy. So if this is something you've gotten into the habit of, now is the time to stop doing it. Fortunately, there are practical steps you can take to address this tendency. Since comparing yourself to others is something you do in your own mind, this book is going to help you become more aware of how your thought process works, and how to use this knowledge to your advantage. You'll learn to catch yourself before you start experiencing self-deprecating thoughts, and guide your mind towards healthy progressive ones instead.

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