Hungerfate: The Kidnapping of Jason Smith

by Eric Reese
  • Book Author : Eric Reese
  • Promo Start : 05/27/2019
  • Promo End : 05/30/2019
  • Category : Teen & Young Adult
  • Original Price : $2.99

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Book Description

Jason Smith has been abducted and smuggled to Canada and time is running out...  This young American teenager is given one chance at evading his captors in this harrowing survival story and it's either now or never.  The kidnappers have made no demands in this Canadian wilderness thriller and Jason is being hostage inside a dark cabin in the middle of nowhere with nothing left but hope.  Harsh winds are forcibly blowing, temperatures are near freezing and time is running out. This wilderness mystery of escape and survival will keep you on edge throughout.  This young man's desire and determination to live another day is what keeps him alive.

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