by John A. Autero

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Book Description

“Evil doesn’t have a problem finding the middle of nowhere.” Earth is ravaged by a Vermiculira epidemic which threatens every human life on the planet. The only way to save humanity and propagate the species is to restart civilization someplace else. That someplace else is Mars. The plan is to relocate humans that have not been contaminated by the disease to the red planet and leave the crazies back on Earth. To ensure that no infected are allowed to reach Mars, a network of decontamination depots has been placed in space, half way between the two planets. Passengers and cargo are sniffed for traces of the disease before they are allowed to proceed on their journey. Charlie and Linda Kennedy live a quiet life on Decontamination Depot, D.D. 315. Charlie operates the spacecraft refueling station, and the hydrogen fuel condenser facility, while Linda’s role is to lovingly provide her guests with a friendly smile, a couple good meals and then get them on their way. But, their peaceful existence is terminated when people onboard are savagely murdered. Charlie needs to stop the carnage and vows to protect Linda, his loving wife. To make matters worse, the killer has programmed the depot to self-destruct unless Charlie can figure out some way to stop it. “Honorable intentions can lead to horrifying consequences.”

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