I. A. CRISPR: Does Artificial Intelligence Dream of Genetic Engineering?

by L. A. Spangler
  • Book Author : L. A. Spangler
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  • Category : Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Book Description

"A mind-bending, relentlessly surprising debut thriller" from author L. A. Spangler ------------------------------------------------------- HOW DO YOU STOP A pathogen designed with artificial intelligence... Engineered to wipe out minorities... About to erupt into a pandemic... When you don't know where... When... Or Why... ------------------------------------------------------- Jaceks a courageous man - and the last hope to save his sister, who wilts away from an untreatable disease. THE DOCTORS SAY SHES INCURABLE He must find a cure. Jacek combines Artificial Intelligence with the gene-editing technique, CRISPR CAS 9, to stop the disease from killing her. Now with a cure in sight, funding cuts threaten to eliminate his work. LOVE DOESN'T BUY MORE TIME An alt-right research assistant will protect his country at all costs. He refuses to stand by any longer while minorities take jobs and destroy America. He has the final solution - racial extermination. Once completing his secret work, America will get reduced to the one true race. SAVE ONE OR SAVE MANY Now Jacek must choose - crack the genetic code to save his sister or stop a bio-terrorist genocide? ---------------------------------------- Note: The book does not wrap up the major plot line, but does resolve some sub plots. Book does end with a cliffhanger. ------------------------------------------------------- What do you get when you mix the bestsellers like Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton, the ne

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