Ideas for Quick and Easy Keto Dinners

by Sarah Jordan
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Book Description

"“Ideas for Quick and Easy Keto Dinners” is the book for YOU! This book will learn you how to cook fast yet delicious keto meals in no time! Each recipe is easy, takes at most 35 minutes to prepare and contains at the glance info such as prep time, cook time, yield and nutritional facts. It will boost up your “ketoholic” program, improve your dieting skills and it will motivate you to stay in ketosis! This book contains: - The benefits of the keto diet - A jumpstart to a ketogenic lifestyle - How to stay motivated and how to support yourself in following the keto lifestyle - Smart tips on how to save time while cooking - A comprehensive list of the needed kitchen tools - 70 easy to prepare delicious keto recipes, everyone (yes, even the kids!) Will love “Ideas for Quick and Easy keto dinners” is so much more than a cookbook - it is your guide to success for a healthy lifestyle and the support you need for maintaining your keto habits. "

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