If I’m an Adult… Where is my Money?

by Taylor Jensen
  • Book Author : Taylor Jensen
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Book Description

If I’m an adult...Where is my money?! If you have ever felt that there is still too much month left after you’ve spent your paycheck, if you have often said aloud “I started a budget but…”,if you have ever seen an old friend on social media living like there is no tomorrow and wondering when YOU get to go to Italy- this quick guide to money is for you. In “If I’m an Adult… Where is my Money?” Taylor Jensen walks you through how to create a budget you will actually stick to and how to manage your finances like the aspiring adult you are. Through this book you will learn all of Jensen’s money saving tips and the do’s and the hell no’s of dealing with money. You can stop living paycheck to paycheck and have a real life savings account. And yeah, you’ll feel better.

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