In the Pulpit with Carl DiVirgilio

by Carl and Patricia DiVIrgilio

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Book Description

Continuing in our pursuit to “make disciples!” Invest in the first selection of the IN THE PULPIT Series TODAY. In the Pulpit with Carl DiVirgilio is like having your OWN sermon notes in book form. It can be used by itself or together with the IN THE PULPIT Workbook and/or the accompanying audio teachings. These links are included in the Conclusion portion. With these “Cliff Notes to Sunday’s sermon” you can stand along side of the preacher while delivering his message. Use it for your personal study and enjoyment or as an outline for home group discussion. Worksheets with study questions in the series Workbook are optional. Our focus at Fundación Efraín is to provide resources for personal growth and ministry development! For more information, Visit Amazon's Carl DiVirgilio Page

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