In Your Blood (the investigations of Commissioner Gelsomino Book 1)

by Marco Lugli
  • Book Author : Marco Lugli
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  • Category : Mystery & Thrillers
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Book Description

The small village of Morciano di Leuca on the southern tip of the region of Apulia in Italy is the unusual setting for a ritual murder. Valentina Medici is initially sedated, then dies due to loss of blood from cuts on her wrist. The victim's husband recognizes the same methods that were employed in the murder of his first wife, ten years beforehand. This link with the past is the initial point from where an investigation starts, led by Lecce police Commissario Luigi Gelsomino. Although he doesn't want to to believe it's a serial killing he's willing to change his mind if the evidence makes him. A thriller that unwinds from the seaside sunshine to the foggy northern Italian plains. A riddle wet in the blood spilt by a mysterious sect of young literati, among whom anyone could be guilty and no-one can be completely innocent.About the AuthorAn Italian poliedric artist and businessman, Marco Lugli is a writer, photographer and video maker. He is also the owner of multiple companies, in the hospitality sector, located in the South of Italy. Activities that are inspirational for his novels featuring Commisario Gelsomini. He lives across Modena, the Ferrari, Maserati and Balsamic Vinager city and the beautiful Salento Maldives in Apulia.

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