Increase 10,000 Facebook Page Likes in 30 Days

by Abhishek Suneri
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Book Description

The book is a no frill to the point workbook of 59 actionable Facebook Marketing tips that you can implement right away to increase 10,000 Facebook page likes in 30 days. 59 Actionable Facebook Marketing Tips are organized into following 6 categories where each category focuses on a specific aspect of Facebook Marketing to help you build your Fan following fast. Tips Categories: Facebook Page Optimization Tips Facebook Content Tips Followers Outreach Tips Website Optimization Tips Facebook Contest Tips and  Facebook Advertising Tips. QUESTION: Who should read this book? ANSWER: Anyone who wants to use the power of Facebook marketing to grow a business can read and benefit from the book. Specifically speaking, If you can relate to any of the below-mentioned professions/ roles, you can implement these tips to build a massive fan following --: Facebook Marketer Entrepreneur/Solopreneur Small Business/Startup Blogger/writer Digital Marketing student Facebook Page Owner. QUESTION: Do these Tips really work? ANSWER: The tips have worked for me and my clients and will work for you when you invest the required time and efforts in it.  I can understand your doubt but let me clarify that I am not a magician and I have not discussed any magic trick in this book that will automatically increase your Facebook page overnight. I have shared my learnings as a professional digital Marketer working on hundreds of Facebook marketing projects at a digital agency

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