Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Cookbook for Beginners: 5-Ingredient Instant Pot Recipes – 80 Simple, Quick, Easy, and Healthy Recipes

by Lesley Owens
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Book Description

n this book, I will feature the advantages of using a pressure cooker and a few tips that will assist you with maximizing the pressure cooker if you own one. Every recipe includes serving quantity, prep time, cook time, an easy-to-follow Ingredients: listing, preparation instructions, images, and nutritional information on a per-serving basis. The recipes are divided into various segments to cater to the diverse needs of cooks and people that are enthusiastic about cooking. The recipe covers a great deal of stuff and caters to readers in the areas below: 80 easy, efficient and straight-forward Instant Pot recipes for novices and professionals 5-ingredient well-tried recipes The basics of an Instant Pot and its usage Breakfast recipes Beans & grains recipes Soups & stew recipes Meat & poultry recipes for both of you to enjoy Seafood recipes for romantic dinners Vegetable recipes Sauces recipes Desserts recipes

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