Instinct of Man: Relationship, secrets of successful dating with a girl

by Alex Balax
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Book Description

Parenting is for people. It is true that reproduction is crucial to operating for all types of living beings in the world. People have the primal instinct to survive. It is called the basic instinct for all living animals in the world. According to the report of scientists, an instinct of man is the greatest driving force which is responsible for life forms. It has been flourished and multiplied to form complex life. In order to survive in the world, we need water and food, but it is not easy to get. To get enough for our survival, we need to cultivate crops for food. It is called the basic instinct of man. This driving force is same in all over the world. The second instinct of man is love, fear, and hate. When we are trying for survival, we will try to save our loved ones too. It is called the criteria of a human being. It is a natural process that our dependents will like to survive. Fear is another basic instinct of human being. It helps us enormously.

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