“Investing For Beginners: What I Learned In My 8-month long journey as a Stock Trader” by Richi Mittal

by Richi Mittal
  • Book Author : Richi Mittal
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Book Description

This book discusses my stock market journey right from the point when I was clueless about how it works. During my 8-month long journey in the stock market, I learned things that possibly no degree could have taught me. This book is about all the mistakes that I made during this journey explained with real life scenarios and examples. It doesn't discuss how I went on to become a successful trader, but rather discusses my failures and how they kept adding up to my experience as a full-time stock trader. This isn't your 'Become a millionaire investing' guide but rather a 'What not to do in order to become a millionaire investing' guide. In order to mark the launch of my very first book on Kindle, I'm giving this book away for free on weekends, i.e., 22nd and 23rd of September, 2018. I would love to know your feedback on the same if you happen to read it. Be sure to grab your free copy before the offer runs out. Happy reading!

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