Jemima Jones and the Great Bear Adventure

by Joanne Macgregor

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Book Description

Jemima Jones is a little girl who dreams of growing taller and having splendid adventures.Her mother thinks she’s creative, but her grandmother thinks she’s a story-teller. Her teenage brother calls her a brat, but her father calls her Sweetpea!Jemima likes to explore and investigate and imagine. Most of all, she loves to press buttons – the bigger and shinier, the better.It’s a good thing Jemima has a fine imagination because she has never actually met a real pirate, or a kidnapper, or even a man-eating tiger. So when Mrs Jones announces that there’s special treat in store, one that involves a bear, Jemima can’t wait. She goes to sleep dreaming of fierce polar bears and wild grizzlies! A fantastic adventure awaits Jemima and her new friend Ravi Naidoo - a day stuffed full of excitement and peril (and even some bright, shiny buttons).

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