Journey To A Cure: When traditional medical methods failed, a mother helped her son defeat several mental disorders using alternative treatments

by Emily L. Dillon

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Book Description

The doctors told Emily L. Dillon her son David had no chance of leading a normal life. His neurological problems would probably prevent him from graduating from high school. He would never go to college, would have difficulty maintaining employment, and would always struggle with social problems. A cure, they said, was impossible. The news was devastating. After years of multiple diagnoses, an ever-changing regime of prescription medication, and the stress that comes from parenting a child with mental health issues, the medical profession was telling Emily there was no hope. Emily refused to accept this dire prediction. She embarked on her own quest for a cure for David, spending thousands of hours on the Internet and communicating with leading brain chemical researchers, many of whom had been bullied into silence by the pharmaceutical industry. Eventually she hit upon a drug-free treatment that cured David completely. Now, In Journey to a Cure, she shares her story as inspiration for other parents who dream of happy, fulfilling lives for their children with mental health issues.

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