Karma Karma

by Lorraine Cannell

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Book Description

What would you do to escape the past? Seventeen-year-old Jack Ethan Dray has put his street-gang past firmly behind him, or so he thinks. When he gets a shout-out from an old gang member and his ex-girlfriend starts acting as if they’re getting back together again, Jack worries his past is coming back to haunt him.Then Bonita Chang asks for his help to find her twin brother. A brother that used to belong to a rival gang. Jack knows that his only chance of being with Bonita is if he helps her. But he’s no hero…until she starts acting like he is one.‘Karma Karma’ is a spellbinding story about the thin line between good and evil and the choices we make, and about facing up to who we are. *Recommended reading age 16+ due to language

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