Keto Diet:Loose Weight and Burn Fat with Delicious Easy to make Keto Recipes with Bonus Dessert recipes: Keto cookbook, Get rid of overweight, burn belly fat, Become Thin , Become Fit, Fat To Fit

by Barn Rofes

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What is Ketosis/Keto Diet ? In keto diet we basically decreases the intake of carbohydrates and sugar. You know that our body takes energy from carbs stored in our body. As now we are not taking carbohydrates so, now our body has no sources available from which it can take energy. So, our body starts to take energy from the fats stored in our body, by burning it,. This whole process is called ketosis and the kind of diet taken during this process is called keto diet. What benefit it gives ? It's simple, as we are burning fat, so it results in fat loss or weight loss, whatever you say,. What this book contains ? A deep explanation about ketosis and keto diet Steps for Achieveing Ketosis THE 3 MOST AND MOST IMPORTANT KEY ELEMENTS OF A KETOGENIC LIFESTYLE Foods to eat and avoid on a Keto diet: Excellent Ingredients Mediocre Ingredients The Worst Ingredients Full knowledge about what to eat on breakfast, lunch and dinner Tens of Amazingly delicious recipies How this book will benefit me ? It will burn the fat in your body Your health will improve It will kill the bad Cholesterol in your body Your Heart will be healthy Reduction in the chances of heart attack You will be able to answer the people who tease you becasue of your looks You will look smarter

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