Kitchen Decorations (Super Speed Sam Book 3)

by Monty J.McClaine
  • Book Author : Monty J.McClaine
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  • Category : Children's & Middle Grade
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Book Description

Protector, friend, digger of bones--like most dogs--Sam plays many roles. However, nobody knows that Sam is unlike any pup you’ve ever met! For this dog is a super speedy cleaning machine and he’s back again to save the day from high-stake messes and mischievous little boys!When Jack and Mom decide to turn their rainy day into a baking bonanza, the McClaine house settles into the warm daydreams of yummy smells and the promise of treats. But when Mom turns her back for just a second, batter flies and trouble prevails! With a huge, giant, gooey mess on his paws, it’s up to Sam, and Sam alone, to save the day before Mom returns! Even with his super speedy cleaning powers in top notch form, will Sam be able to clean up Jack’s giant mess and save them all from the whirl of the mixer!? Find out what hilarity is in store for Sam and the McClaine family in this rainy-day-turned-awry tale that is both sticky and sweet.

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