Know-How Asset Starter Guide: Generate Extra Passive Income

by George Schneider

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Book Description

This book is for anyone interested in learning to make money online using their own website. In this book we will provide you the basic understanding for setting up your own website. We will go over how to get started, list a variety of resources to help make it easy and show you ways to monetize this website. The website you create will be based on a subject matter you are familiar with and that you can teach others about. We call this a “Know-How Asset”. It is an asset because you own it and it generated an income. Know-how, because it’s based on your knowledge. I personally have done what I explain in this book. I own a variety of informational websites and have made good money online with them. The investment takes little money upfront and is more reliant on your time and effort to get started. There is no guarantee, but if done properly and with a little perseverance, you too can make extra money online. Enough to pay bills, save for retirement or maybe even make enough cash to quit your job and live the life you’ve always wanted.

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