Labyrinths and Amazes by D.R. Moody

by D.R. Moody

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Book Description

In this third installment of ‘The White Rabbit Tales’ W.R. finds himself trapped in a labyrinth, pursued by a savage beast, intent on devouring him and lining its nest with his bones. It was because the tunnels were so dangerous that, long ago, W.R. had them sealed off. His mistake was in choosing the Carpenter to do the carpentry work, for, once the doors were in place, the tunnels seemed to lose their power to intimidate. Free of the evil atmosphere that had permeated the adjoining cavern, the Carpenter felt inspired to turn it into a well-appointed library. Now one of Wonderland’s less imaginative creatures, Willie, the Guinea Pig, has imprudently ventured down a tunnel and W.R. is the only one brave enough, responsible enough and ornery enough to venture after him. The problem is that the tunnels feed on fear, molding thoughts into living organisms—and W.R. has a pathological terror of them. He has always maintained that Willie lacked imagination, but now his thoughts have conjured up something so terrifying, so deadly, it will take all of W.R.’s great intellect and more courage in the face of adversity than he is capable of, to escape their fate.

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