Last Pirate at Fort Matanzas

by Charles Frankhauser

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Book Description

Flamboyant Captain Alberto Dicer was a garlic picker in Madrid, a girl's playmate in a garden, a thief of a silver spoon, a soldier of Spain, a cook on a galleon, a pirate aboard El Dreadful, and a prisoner at St. Augustine, Florida during the reign of King Phillip II of Spain. A lady of noble birth destroys the life of a gardner with little regard for his future. Alberto learns how to fire a cannon, cook Spanish rice, duel, sail, and plunder galleons of the King's Treasure Fleet. The sailing ship tactics used by Captain Dicer are historical battle tactics as taught in a history class at the US Naval Academy. How did Captain Dicer save himself and his crew, or did he? A humorous instructive for all age readers narrative is an account of Captain Alberto's life from childhood to capture all driven by falling in love with a young girl of nobility.

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