Leadership Development: If Steve Jobs was Coaching You: Charismatic Leadership Lessons Borrowed from Steve Jobs for High Potential People and Leaders

by Life Hacks Books
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Book Description

What if the lessons borrowed from Steve Jobs' leadership could help you? Steve Jobs co-founded Apple in 1976 with Steve Wozniak. Both had the exceptional ambition to bring computers into every home. Forty years later, computers are indeed in every home, the Apple ones in particular, not to forget those we carry in our pockets, jackets or handbags on a daily and hourly basis. But beyond this business success is a fascinating leadership story that numerous articles and comments have tried to analyze. In most of them, the question is always the same: whether or not Steve Jobs was a good leader and how he actually managed products, people and business developments throughout his career. Still, one question remains unanswered for: how could things work for you if Steve Jobs was actually coaching you? This book focuses on this exact question and provides a comprehensive review of the many skills and difficulties that have been characteristic of Steve Jobs’ leadership. More specifically, it analyzes ten of the major challenges faced by most entrepreneurs nowadays and offers about thirty-five leadership tips that can be borrowed from Jobs’ life and experience to help the readers see through his leadership methods. At the end of each session, of course, a series of questions is provided to help the readers think further and improve their own leadership by applying the discussions to their own management style. It’s up to you now…

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