by Gian Marco Palazio
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Book Description

Your Legacy Journey Begins Today For author Gian Marco Palazio, there are few things more gratifying than leaving behind an impactful legacy for his future generations. Moreover, Gian Marco believes everyone can benefit from taking control of and championing their legacy. But what exactly is a legacy? And how can you become a legacy champion? In Legacy: How Leaders Transcend the Past, Balance the Present, and Serve for Future Generations, you will be guided on how to create, rule, and expand your legacy while learning the kind of leadership and dedication it takes to become a true legacy champion. In this book, one's legacy is broken down into The Legacy Element System: Love - Energy - Grounded Reality - Abundance - Connection to Source - You Chapter by chapter, Legacy dives into each element and challenges you to look at your life from new perspectives. This book is the perfect first step for anyone who wants to honor their personal values and spiritual practices through everlasting legacies. Praise for Legacy ..". make your legacy bulletproof!" VERNE HARNISH ..". If only I'd had this book in my early years of marriage, fatherhood, and leadership ..." PETER REILING ..". this will stimulate your thinking and inspire you to become a 'Legacy Champion.'" HARRY STRACHAN ..". relatable to every man or woman who ever wanted to pursue greatness." RAUL VILLACIS ..". legacy begins now, not in some distant future." STACE LINDSAY

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