Leonardo Murphy

by Russell Moran

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Book Description

Leonardo Murphy A Coming-of-Age Thriller You just launched a satellite into space without a rocket. You took a $1,000 gift from your father and turned it into $1,600,000 in two years after you read a book on stock trading. You invented a computer algorithm that writes novels. You’ve just entered Harvard University on a full scholarship after completing high school in two years. Not bad for a 12-year-old kid. Leonardo Murphy, age 12, changed his name from William to Leonardo to honor his hero, Leonardo daVinci. Young Leonardo has the second highest IQ ever recorded. At the urging of his father, a high-level FBI Agent, Leonardo is hired as a consultant to the FBI. He wrote an algorithm that tracked down the world’s most dangerous gang, MS-13, enabling the FBI and local law enforcement to end the gang’s activities. At age 20, Leonardo received a PhD in physics from Harvard. Shortly after that, he entered the Navy to follow in his parents’ footsteps as a naval officer. After the Navy, Leonardo, now 25 years old, met a beautiful young woman named Janice, and fell madly in love. They married a year later. By that time, Leonardo had become a fabulously wealthy multi-billionaire from his stock trading and patent royalties. Janice loves to teach at a nearby private college. When the college hits financial problems and is about to close, Leonardo buys the school. Janice and Leonardo, who she calls “Lee,” collaborate on various projects with the CIA and FBI. But their ac

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