Lesbian: The Perfect Storm (Lesbian Romance, Lesbian Fiction, First Time Lesbian)

by Skyler Rothwell
  • Book Author : Skyler Rothwell
  • Promo Start : 09/22/2017
  • Promo End : 09/27/2017
  • Category : Erotica / Free Kindle Books
  • Original Price : $4.99

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Book Description

Rachel is twenty-seven years old with short black hair and light brown eyes. She lives in the same neighborhood as her friend Jenna. When the lights go out due to a thunder storm she rushes over to her friends house. She knows it’s silly to be afraid of the thunder and lightening but she can’t help it. A fear that she’s had since she was a child. Jenna is more than willing to let her in the house and hang out with her until the thunder storm subsides and her power is back on.Jenna is twenty-nine with long brown hair and light blue eyes. She has always been attracted to Rachel next door but never had the courage to find out if Rachel was attracted to her. When Rachel comes over in the middle of the night soaking wet from the rain because her power is out Jenna is more than willing to let her dry off and put on some dry clothes. As the thunder booms and the lightening strikes Rachel practically jumps into her lap. Jenna puts her arms around her and comforts her the best she can as her feelings rage on inside of her she knows this is time to find out if Rachel likes her as much as she likes Rachel. Not knowing if there’s going to be another chance.

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