Let’s Kill Mr Pond

by Andrew Mackay
  • Book Author : Andrew Mackay
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  • Category : Mystery & Thrillers
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Book Description

Their plan was murder. They were only twelve-years-old. It started out as just a bit of fun. But it didn't end that way. Sam was the smart kid. He created the plan. Jonnie was the troublemaker. He carried out the attack. Together, they plotted to kill their woodwork teacher. A strategy so disturbing in its efficiency and detail. The line between reality and fiction became a blur... It seemed everybody wanted Mr Pond dead, anyway. Jonnie & Sam thought they were doing everyone at the school a favour. They were wrong. Dead wrong. Just four words started it all. A crime that devastated their families, friends and the entire nation. Based on true events, Let's Kill Mr Pond is the harrowing coming-of-age tale of friendship and murder. Get your copy of this darkly comic crime satire right now. Read Let's Kill Mr Pond for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription and look for it under Crime and Satire. Other titles available by the author: Thriller/Crime Versus Simple Machines Horror Pure Dark Volumes 1 - 3: The Ultimate Horror Endurance Trilogy Pure Dark Vol 1 Pure Dark Vol 2 Pure Dark Vol 3 Convenience Satire & Humor In Their Shoes: The First Trilogy In Their Shoes: The Second Trilogy In Their Shoes - The Teacher (Book I) In Their Shoes - The Actor (Book II) In Their Shoes - The Model (Book III) In Their Shoes - The Artist (Book IV) In Their Shoes - The Nurse (Book V) In Their Shoes - The Dealer (Book VI)

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