Life In Shackles

by Prakash Vir Sharma

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Book Description

"Life In Shackles" is a collection of great social stories based on the plight of Indian women in different situations of life. The book is pure fiction but these situations are real as these are stories of various women at distant places. The author tried to give a clear-cut message to the community as a whole that if this is the scenario, our women deserve to live a happy life beyond these Shackles and being a human it's an obligation on a man's part to understand their struggle and to help them because a woman is the backbone of a family. If she is happy, she may contribute a lot for the betterment of the family as well as society. You know she is the first teacher of the children and if the teacher is already in dilemma, how he or she can take care of the students. I am sure that everyone will find these stories of great inspiration

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