Life’s A Beach

by Angelica Kate
  • Book Author : Angelica Kate
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  • Category : Romance
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Book Description

Welcome to the Beach House, where life’s outcasts all gather for a little reprieve from the unforgiving world. Taryn had packed her world’s belongings and her daughter Harper, taking off for new horizons in an effort to outrun a past she wished to leave in the rearview mirror. Late at night days into their journey they stumble across the Beach House and the quirky older ladies that run the establishment. On the shores of the ocean Taryn finds a place she never thought existed along with a host of characters she soon calls family…and maybe a friendly ghost or two! Graham lost his sister off the shores of Beach House and spends time helping out Lilith the owner in his free time from policing the streets of their sleepy haven. Taryn and Harper’s arrival on the scene turns his world upside down, and as his guardian angel pushes them together he finds the first rays of hope shining on is world in a long time. As he tries to make peace with the past, forge a new path to possible romance and balance the safety of his town’s resident’s secrets Taryn and he attempt to hide may bring them face to face with a truth no one will see coming!

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