Live Your Life Purpose: Holistic Approach

by Peter Karlsson
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Book Description

We are living in a time of abundant opportunities, but also increasing stress and decision paralysis. We often feel stressful and sometimes paralyzed by information overload, unfriendly competition and an accelerating speed of change. "Live Your Life Purpose" is a richly illustrated guide to understand what drives and hinders self-actualization. It helps us orient ourselves in the complex adaptive system that our society has become. This book takes you through, step-by-step, how to start your own journey of personal development. In this journey you decide your life purpose, and learn to live this authentically and congruently. We inevitably see and interpret the world from eight perspective positions. Which perspective positions we favor influence how we process information and make decisions. The theory of holistic perspective provides a practical approach to personal development based on the latest findings in psychology and science.

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