Living in the Philippines: Everything You Need to Know about Moving to the Philippines or Retiring in the Philippines

by Val Henley
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Book Description

The Philippines is called the “Pearl of the Orient” because of its rich natural resources and its fascinating flora and fauna. In addition, the Filipino culture is colorful and varied because of the Spanish, Japanese and American influences. It’s the only Southeast Asian country that has English as its second language. Therefore, there will be no communication problems should you decide to reside in this gorgeous tropical paradise. And if you’re a retiree, you will easily fall in love with this country as a place to spend the rest of your days and stretch your dollars far. You won’t have trouble communicating; you can easily adjust to its customs and traditions; and the Philippines will provide you plenty of comfort and necessary amenities without draining your wallet. This book will reveal everything you need to know about moving to and living in the Philippines.

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