London Large: Bloody Liberties

by Garry and Roy Robson

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Book Description

A nation under attack. Treason stalks the corridors of power. Can Harry Hawkins turn the tide? Harry Hawkins has finally found peace in the bosom of his new family. A loving wife and a new son have given him the contentment he has sought for so long. But then he wakes up one morning to find chaos spreading through the streets of Britain. From warzone-like football matches to terrorist bombs. With fake news dominating the media and the authorities struggling to connect the dots H realizes that his domestic idyll is over. He receives information from a security service whistleblower that key players within the British establishment have been corrupted by those behind the chaos, and are involved in supporting their activities and aims. As the mounting chaos threatens to pull the country apart H comes to understand that he and his colleagues are in uncharted waters; no one in authority can be trusted and all usual channels of communication are subject to surveillance.. Can H identify the source of the chaos, shut down its operations and help restore order before a climactic outrage brings Britain to its knees? If you like gritty, high-octane novels with terrific twists you'll love Bloody Liberties – let it take you on a thrilling rollercoaster ride through a contemporary world of violent criminality, political intrigue and everyday heroism.

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