Looking for Dei

by David Willson
  • Book Author : David Willson
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  • Promo End : 05/11/2019
  • Category : Teen & Young Adult
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Book Description

When a teenage girl unlocks forbidden magic, will the Great Land survive? Fifteen-year-old Nara Dall has never liked secrets. Yet it seems that her life is filled with them, from the ugly scar on her back to the strange powers she possesses. Her adoptive father refuses to say anything about her origins. And when Nara is invited to the town’s announcement ceremony, which tests youths for magical gifts, he forbids her from revealing her powers. The poor village of Dimmitt has not announced a gifted youth for decades. But when Nara discovers that the town priest has been keeping secrets of his own, she draws upon her hidden magic to correct the injustice. Her rash decision sets her on a path of danger, discovery, and a quest for the divine. But will the truth she reveals set her people free? Or unlock a curse that could spell her doom?Looking for Dei is a magical adventure through a rich, exciting land. Readers who enjoy unique magic systems, great world-building, diverse characters and fast-paced action will adore this stunning fantasy tale!

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